It is well accepted that cancer evolves over time, and recently the spatial aspects of this evolution have began to emerge. A deeper understanding of how cancer evolves through space and time will allow us to better understand cancer progression, treatment failure, and crucially lay the groundwork for novel therapies. The local ecology that emerges as a cancer grows and invades a host tissue has interesting parallels in experimental evolution in other systems such as bacteria.

The goal of this 4-day meeting is to bring together theoretically minded people who work at the interface between biology, medicine and mathematics with a focus on evolution. More specifically, we aim to solidify the connection between these communities and promote interactions and shared knowledge between those with an interest in the spatial and temporal evolution of cell systems.

This workshop is organized by Arne Traulen (Max Planck Institute in Plön, Germany) and Alexander Anderson (Integrated Mathematical Oncology, Moffit Cancer Center, FL, USA). A list of confirmed speakers is presented below.

The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology consists of the three departments Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Genetics and Evolutionary Theory. It is focused on basic research to unravel general evolutionary processes, such as ecological adaptations, benefits of sexual reproduction or evolution of cooperation. The scope of the work includes ecological, organismic, molecular and theoretical approaches.

The Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department is a 1st of its kind mathematics department focused soley on cancer, embedded in the heart of a functioning cancer centre. Our mission is to integrate theory and experiments to better understand cancer initiation, progression and treatment and to aid in the clinical utilisation of integrated models in precision medicine.

Confirmed speakers:

David Basanta (Moffitt Cancer Center, USA)
Robert Beardmore (University of Exeter, UK)
Sebastian Bonhoeffer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
David Dingli (Mayo Clinic, USA)
Trevor Graham (Barts Cancer Institute, UK)
Philip Gerlee (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Gunther Jansen (University of Kiel, Germany)
Benjamin Kerr (University of Washington, USA)
Erik Martens (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Silvia De Monte (École Normale Supérieure, France)
Wenying Shou (Fred Hutch Cancer Center, USA)
Jacob Scott (Moffitt Cancer Center, USA)
Andrea Sottoriva (Institute of Cancer Research, UK)
Dominik Wodarz (University of California, USA)