Ana del Arco


                                         Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193


I’m interested in the eco-evolutionary dynamics of a tripartite system of host-virus-virophage. I addition, I seek to disentangle the relevance of eco-evo dynamics on ecological risk assessments.

since 2017 Postdoc: MPI Plön

2015 - 2016 Postdoc: Granada University (Spain)

2015 PhD at the University of Jaén (Spain)

2011 Master at the University of Kiel (Germany) – University of Coimbra (Portugal)

                                        Lutz Becks

                                        Research group leader

                                        Phone: +49 (0)4522 763230


I’m interested in eco-evolutionary dynamics in complex systems and the evolution of sex in an ecological context.

since 2017 Heisenberg stipend at the MPI Plön

2011 - 2017 Emmy Noether group at MPI Plön

2010- 2011 Postdoc: University of Cologne (Germany)

2008 - 2010 Postdoc: University of Toronto (Canada)

2006 - 2008 Postdoc: Cornell University (USA)

2006 PhD at the University of Cologne (Germany)

2004 Diploma at the University of Cologne (Germany)

                                           Loukas Theodosiou 

                                           PhD candidate

                                           Phone: +49 (0)4522 763229


In general, I am interested about the eco - evolutionary dynamics that develop in meta communities.  

For this i use a combined approach of experiments and mathematical modelling

since 2014 PhD student at MPI Plön

2014 MSc EES at LMU Munich (Germany)

2012 BSc Biology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)


Julia Haafke (now AWI Helgoland)

Heike Gruber postdoc  (now MPI Plön)

Alina Jeschke Masters 2016 (now PhD candidate MPI Plön)

Sophia Wagner Masters 2015

Amrei Binzer postdoc 2014 (now Linköping University)

Martha Valiadi postdoc 2014 (now University of Southampton)

Jens Frickel  Phd Student (now postdoc at KULeuven)

Vienna Kowallik postdoc (now postdoc at OIST Japan)

Hanna Koch Phd Student (now postdoc at MPI Plön with Miriam Liedvogel)

Gökce Ayan Phd Student (now postdoc at MPI Plön with Jenna Gallie)

Lasse Harder MSc Student (now teacher)

Giulia Bartolomucci analyst (now student at University of Edinburgh)

                                            Noemi Woltermann    

                                            PhD candidate

                                            Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193


I am interested in how eco-evolutionary dynamics are determined by intraspecific variation within a prey population of a predator-prey system. Within my Masters I quantify this variation. Within my PhD, i will test how the shape of a trade-off between competitiveness and grazing resistance alter the eco-evolutionary feedback. 

since 2014 PhD student MPI Plön

2015 MSc University Kiel 

Christmas Party 2013

Lab dinner with our friends from Helsinki

Lab selfie during Open House at the Institute (Sept. 2015)

Former Members

                                                    Ruben Hermann

                                        MSc candidate

                                        Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193



I am interested in the underlying mechanisms of evolution and its influences on the ecological structures of populations. For that I want to create models based on experimental and theoretical basis.

since 2017 Master thesis on Host - Virus - Provirs - Evolution in Plön (Germany)

since 2015 Master student in MAMBE at the CAU (Germany)

BSC in Biology at the CAU (Germany)

                                                    Elena Horas

                                        PhD candidate

                                        Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193



I am really interested in combining both the fields of ecology and evolution into my research. During my PhD I aim to disentangle the eco-evolutionary dynamics of different species interactions using the algae Chlorella variabilis as the focal species. Following an experimental approach I will look at population dynamics and evolutionary adaptations, supported by genomic analyses and ecological modelling.

since 2017 PhD student at MPI Plön (Germany)

2017 MSc Freshwater and Marine Ecology at QMUL (UK)

2013 BSc Marine Biology at University of Liverpool (UK)

                                           Michaela Schwarz  

                                           technical assistant

                                           Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193


                                                    Joana Pimenta Bernardes


                                        Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193



I am interested in eco-evolutionary dynamics in a predator-prey system. I did my PhD in hybridization of domesticated and wild yeast populations. Currently I am enjoying working on a new biological system, using rotifer-algae interactions to disentangle the impact of predation in prey populations throughout time.

since 2017 Junior Scientist in MPI Plön

2014-2017 PhD candidate in MPI Plön

2011-2012 MSc in Evolutionary Biology and Development University Lisbon (Portugal)– Institute of Biology Leiden (Netherlands)

2006-2010 BSc in Evolutionary Biology and Development University Lisbon (Portugal)

                                                    Till Czypionka


                                        Phone: +49 (0)4522 763193



I’m interested in the evolutionary genomics of the timing of life

history transitions and their implications for eco-evolutionary dynamics

and ecosystem functioning.

since 2018 Postdoc at Plön (Germany)

2015 - 2017 Postdoc: KU Leuven (Belgium)

2013 - 2014 Postdoc: MPI Plön

2013 PhD at MPI Plön

2008 MSc in Biological Oceanography at the University of Southern  Denmark (Denmark)

2006 BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Constance (Germany)