Judith Müller


Position: Ph.D. Student
Office: 506 (Am Botanischen Garten 9)
Phone: +49 431 8804343
E-mail: judithmuller [at] bot.uni-kiel.de

Research interests

My PhD project focusses on the transmission patterns of accessory chromosomes in the economically important wheat pathogen Zymosetoria tritici and closely related species within the Zymoseptoria genus. Accessory chromosomes are chromosomes that are present in only some but not all individuals of a species in addition to the core set of chromosomes. The accessory chromosomes of Z. tritici have been shown to confer a negative fitness effect for their carrier during host infection and to be frequently lost during asexual reproduction, but to maintain their presence in the population by exploiting a chromosome drive mechanism during sexual reproduction. My project primarily aims at elucidating the role of epigenetic modifications both in the mitotic loss and the meiotic drive of accessory chromosomes in Zymoseptoria spp. and to thereby gain a better understanding of how these selfish genetic elements have maintained their survival during evolution of the genus.

This project is funded by the DFG.

Short CV

2020 – present: PhD student at Kiel University in Eva Stukenbrock’s group

2017 – 2020: M.Sc. in Biochemistry at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany)

2014 – 2017: Secondary school teacher for Biology and French

2010 – 2014: B.Sc. in Biology at University of Leipzig (Germany)

2007 – 2013: B.Sc. + M.Ed. for teaching at secondary schools (Biology/ French) at University of Leipzig (Germany)

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