Ian Dewan

Research Group Stochastic Evolutionary Dynamics
Department of Theoretical Biology
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
August-Thienemann-Str. 2
24306 Plön, Germany
Email, Mastodon


I’m currently a doctoral student with Hildegard Uecker, working on mathematical models of the population genetics of bacterial plasmids and of other extrachromosomal genetic elements, particularly the evolutionary implications of multicopy plasmids carrying distinct alleles. A motivating example is the contribution of multicopy plasmids to the evolution of multiple-drug resistance, for which I have developed a stochastic evolutionary rescue model. You can find an overview of some of my work so far in a graphical abstract and a poster.

My general research interests are in applications of mathematics, particularly probabilistic and stochastic models, to problems in ecology and evolution. I previously did an MSc with Tom Sherratt working on models of optimal predator behaviour under uncertainty.


Conference Presentations

Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (July 2024)
Adaptation through copy number variation of eccDNA in yeast
Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution 2024
Adaptation through copy number variation of eccDNA in yeast
Mathematical Models of Evolutionary Rescue (June 2023)
Rescue of bacterial populations by plasmid-mediated heterozygosity
Modelling Resistance Evolution — Theoretical Methodology Symposium (April 2023)
Evolution of multidrug resistance from plasmid-mediated heterozygosity
Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution 2022
Plasmid-mediated heterozygosity, multidrug resistance, and evolutionary rescue in bacteria
Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution 2019
Run Away! Optimal Predator Responses to Startle Displays
Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology Symposium 2019
Run Away! The Adaptive Advantage of Being Startled
Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Meeting 2018
Too Close for Comfort: Modelling Predator Generalization of Prey Palatability
Wild Animal Model Biennial Meeting 2017
IGEs and Voluntary Wheel Running in Mice