Ian Dewan

Research Group Stochastic Evolutionary Dynamics
Department of Evolutionary Theory
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
August-Thienemann-Str. 2
24306 Plön, Germany
Email, Mastodon


I’m currently a doctoral student with Hildegard Uecker, working on mathematical models of the population genetics of bacterial plasmids, particularly the evolutionary implications of multicopy plasmids carrying distinct alleles. A motivating example is the contribution of multicopy plasmids to the evolution of multiple-drug resistance, for which I have developed a stochastic evolutionary rescue model. You can find an overview of some of my work so far in a graphical abstract and a poster I made for internal conferences.

My general research interests are in applications of mathematics, particularly probabilistic and stochastic models, to problems in ecology and evolution. I previously did an MSc with Tom Sherratt working on models of optimal predator behaviour under uncertainty.


Conference Presentations