Alex Pozhitkov, Ph. D.


I was born in Moscow, USSR.In 1998, I earned Masterís degree in Chemistry from the Moscow State University.In 2000, I moved to Germany to pursue a PhD degree in Genetics. Currently I live with my family in the United States.


I have been always involved is a multidisciplinary research side-by-side with biologists.The main theme of my work is identification and quantification of nucleic acids in complex mixtures.The research involves physical chemistry, bioinformatics and electrical engineering.

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Currently Research Scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle

Formerly Research Scientist at the Max Plank Institute, Germany.

Current Projects

*  Microbial signatures associated with oral diseases.The project involves experimental research as well as extensive bioinformatics to interpret microarrays and454 next generation sequencing.

*  Postmortem transcriptome activity. Model organism Danio rerio.

*  Physicochemistry of hybridization on solid surface(see our Workshop, Max Planck Institute 2011).


University of Washington

P.O. Box 357444



Last revised: 24 June 2012