Idalia C Rojas-Barrera

Office: 116
Office phone: +49 4522763-197 

Research Interests

My professional interests lie in population genomics of domesticated plants and their associated pathogens. I will be working on assessing the direction and role of interspecific gene flow in fungi from the genus Zymoseptoria. Also, I will analyze the degree of parallel evolution between the wheat and barley pathogens, Z. tritici and Z. passerinii, respectively. 

Short CV

2020 - present             
PostDoc in the group of Eva Stukenbrock. Environmental Genomics, at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön.

PhD student in the group of Dr. Daniel Piñero. Instituto de Ecología at National Autonomous Univeristy of Mexico (UNAM) 

Master of Science. Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas at National Autonomous Univeristy of Mexico (UNAM) 

Bachelor of Science. National Autonomous Univeristy of Mexico (UNAM) 


Rojas-Barrera, I. C., Wegier, A., Sánchez González, J. de J., Owens, G. L., Rieseberg, L. H., & Piñero, D. (2019). Contemporary evolution of maize landraces and their wild relatives influenced by gene flow with modern maize varieties. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Lozada-Aranda, M., Rojas-Barrera, I., Mastretta Yanes, A., Ponce-Mendoza, A., Burgeff, C., Orjuela-R, M.A., Galindo Oswaldo, O., Marzo, 2017. Las milpas de México. Oikos 17, 10.

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