Stochastic Evolutionary Dynamics


Journal articles:


Book chapter:

Pfister T. and Uecker H. (2005). Melonengeometrie. In Bamler R. and Reiher C. et al. (Eds.), Ein-Blick in die Mathematik (pp. 189--200). Köln: Aulis Verlag Deubner.

Articles written for high school students:
These articles are contributions to the correspondence seminar "Selected topics in evolutionary biology" (STEB).

  • Uecker H., Sachdeva H., Hudáková K.: Evolution, Antibiotics, and Us (pdf).

  • Uecker H. and Trubenová B.: A glimpse into the world of human viruses (pdf).

  • Uecker H. and Trubenová B.: Viruses in the world of bacteria (pdf).

  • Uecker H.: The Coronavirus Pandemic (pdf).