Demetris Taliadoros

Office: 119
Phone: + 49 4522 763-221

Research interests

My purpose is to better understand the mechanisms and processes of population evolution under strong directional selection. During my master’s dissertation I have been dedicated in the study of population divergence, historical demographics and selection of barley net blotch disease agent, Pyrenophora teres. I utilized bioinformatic tools to explore genomic information obtained from isolates in different continents.

I previously worked as a Bachelor’s student at the Microbiology lab at Cyprus University of Technology. I was involved in projects focusing on the identification and phylogeny of plant pathogenic and free living nematodes at Cypriot farmlands. Both my bachelor's and master’s studies reflect my age-long ambition to explore the potential of the forces that shape the life on earth to improve the quality of life. 

Short CV

2016-2019: MSc Biology, Wageningen University and Research

  • Specialization: Biodiversity and Evolution
  • Dissertation: Population genomics and local adaptation of the fungal barley pathogen, Pyrenophora teres

2016-2019: MSc Forest and Nature Conservation, Wageningen University and Research

  • Specialization: Ecology
  • Dissertation: Life history traits of Nasonia vitripennis: the correlation between larval competition, sex ratio, development time and fitness 

2012-2016: BSc Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science, Cyprus University of Technology

  • Specialization: Plant Science
  • Dissertation: Identification and control of nematodes in Cypriot banana plantations. Assessment of a novel chemical nematicide.

Other interests

Co-founder of Agricultural Student Club at Cyprus University of Technology. Chairman from September 2014 to September 2016.

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